‘State-ordered banditism’: Arrested protesters’ relatives at remand prison in Minsk

Relatives and friends are bringing parcels to the protesters detained after Wednesday’s Non-Parasite March in Minsk. 

They have been put into a remand prison in Akrestsina street.

Аlyaksei Dubin

Maryna Dubina was detained at a bus stop. Her father, who has come from Brest and delivered some things for her, is close to tears.

“In the face of the day, some people grabbed my daughter from the bus stop in a country that boasts of its being peaceful! It is state-ordered banditism! In the 90s, even bandits did not act like that,” he says.

Alyaksei Dubin is also going to meet with Maryna’s lawyer and file a cassational appeal.

“They are public servants, we pay taxes and keep them, their task is to ensure safety. But they grab people and take them away!”

Yury Ivanovich agrees with Alyaksei Dubin. Plainclothes policemen pulled his colleague out of the trolley, although the man did not participate in the rally, he was driving home after work. At the trial, however, policemen witnessed that the colleague had had his face covered and used bad language. As a result, he will have to spend 12 days in jail.

“If a police officer detains someone, they should introduce themselves and give reasons for the detention. But they just threw people into the car! They did not even have uniforms on!”


The both men believe that the sentenced and the fines should lodge complaints to the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice and the United Nations.

Some of those present refuse to talk to journalists. „Everything is clear, I have nothing to add.” Others say: “it is necessary to change something,” but without going into detail.

According to human rights activist Nasta Loyka, on March 16, there have been numerous violations in police departments and courts. Some situations went to ridiculous lengths: for example, riot policemen lost themselves in their own testimony, but judges turned a blind eye to that.

On March 15, Constitution Day, marches of non-parasites were held in MinskMahiliou and Hrodna. According to people who protesting the so-called ‘parasite’ law, Lukashenka’s Decree Nr 3 is unconstitutional. The decree signed in April, 2015 established the obligation of the citizens of Belarus, foreign citizens permanently residing in Belarus, stateless persons, who did not participate in the financing of public spending or participated in such financing less than 183 days (six months – ed.) in the past year, to pay a fee of 20 basic units (appr. $230).

When arresting protesters on Wednesday, plainclothes policemen refused to show their IDsused violence and even fired tear gas.


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