Stabbing in Paris: Terrorist attack or domestic homicide?

French police at crime scene. Photo - AFP/Fred Dufour

A man armed with a knife has killed two people and wounded one In the suburbs of Paris on Thursday. The knifeman has been shot down by the police.

According to French media, the offender entered one of the houses on Camille Claudel street at about 10 am and then returned shouting Allahu Akbar with knives in his hands. The attacker was on the so-called list S, which includes names of persons who pose a potential threat to France’s national security, a source in the police told Franceinfo radio station.

The so-called Islamuc State group has already claimed responsibility for the attack, but the police are questioning the ‘terrorist’ version. As the victims are the stabber’s mother and sister, the law enforcers do not rule out domestic homicide.

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