Special police detain Young Front activists in Kurapaty

Co-chairman of the BCD Paval Seviarynets has informed belsat.eu that in four young men were detained in Kurapaty.

“The young men brought a large log and a poster with a skull, bones and a cook’s hat to the Kurapaty watch. They did not let the cars in — they stopped about ten cars. About an hour later, the police arrived, a minivan with the riot police staff detained four people,” Seviarynets told Belsat.eu.

According to the co-chairman of the BCD, the leader of the Young Front Dzyanis Urbanovich, Vitaly Tryhubau, Ilarion Trusau and another activist were detained.


There is no communication with the detainees. Dzyanis Urbanovich was not available on the phone.

To be updated.

Годовщина Куропатской вахты


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