Special forces brutally detain dozens of anti-fascists in Minsk concert


Visitors of the ‘Miensk Edge Day’ were beaten and tortured. Later, half of the audience was released in the city, and the other half was taken to a police station, where they were released late in the evening. Ten people were taken to the Akrestsina prison.

A joint concert of the four bands from Russia and Belarus called Minsk Edge Day 2017 was to be held October 14 in Minsk.

After 21:00, Vyachaslau Kasinerau and his wife, Alyaksei Karbach and musicians were taken to the Akrestsin prison. According to some data, Russian citizens were kept in the police station. Others, about 30 people, were taken to the city and released.

Belsat reference. Adherents of the ‘Straight Edge’ philisophy do not use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, do not take medical drugs and oppose corruption. They are often vegetarians or vegans. Some of them do not even drink coffee.

Immediately after the event started, masked law enforcement officers appeared.

“There are three buses with masked people. All the spectators were put with their faces against the wall and beaten,” the journalist reports.

According to our colleague, Maksim Pyakarski, known for the “graffiti case” was also taken away by the police.

“Those who were recognized by the police, as well as musicians and foreigners, were taken aside — in total about 70 people. Later, half of them was taken to the police station, and another half was released without a protocol,” adds the correspondent.

After the beating, the police put everyone against the wall.

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