Socio-political info channel for children to be created in Russia


Russian authorities are going to allocate 210 million Russian rubles (about 3.6 mln USD) to ITAR-TASS to create a Socio-political channel for children. The money will be redistributed from the funds allocated for higher education.

The subsidies will be devoted to the “financial security and creation of organizational and technical support of a dedicated socio-political channel for children aged 8-16.”

According to RBC, Itar-Tass Head of Corporate Communications department Dmitry Pertsov said the channel will be launched in 2018 and it will be implemented “in coordination” with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Creation of a “dedicated socio-political channel” means a launch of a dedicated “children’s [info] feed,” said Pertsov.

In March, more than 100 cities of Russia had protests, organized by the Alexey Navalny‘s Foundation for the Fight Against Corruption. Among the protesters were minors. As a result, the Russian authorities became worried about the impact of measures on adolescents. For example, recently, the Russian Interior Ministry proposed to introduce the responsibility for parents and teachers for pupils taking part in illegal protests.

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