Socialist labor competitions returning to Belarus

Labor competition system is coming back to Belarus. This initiative was presented by the chairman of the pro-government Federation of Trade Unions Mikhail Orda. However, the next return of the roots in the Soviet Union should be sought elsewhere — in the president’s office, where the two officials met back on May 19th.

Every new thing is a well forgotten old one

According to the chairman of the FTU, the Soviet tradition is to be revived for the working man. It must be done to highlight his role and the role of work itself.

How to increase the prestige of the working man? Answers are found on the surface.

“We need to raise salaries — it needs to be doen first and foremost.”

“People should be given the opportunity to build their home: loans must be made affordable.”

“The capitalist is needed now, the owner, who really does everything to live better, and provide a better live to the people.”

“If people get good money, everyone will work hard.”

“It is necessary that smart people rule the country, real professionals.”

“The salary increase is necessary for people to know what they are working for. Otherwise — what are they working for? Pennies?”

Those were the words of the passers-by in Minsk streets.

Valery Ruselik, “Belsat”

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