Smuggler slips across Polish border, gets detained in Belarus

State Border Committee detains a daring cigarette smuggler.

On the night of January 6, Belarusian border guards noticed a car near a signalling zone. They tried to stop it to check whether the driver was legally passing through the border zone.

The driver ignored the stopping signs and almost ran over the border guards.

In response, the soldiers had to open warning fire.

The driver tried to hide in the nearest village. However, the guards found there the traces of the offenders, as well as three plastic bags containing 1.5K packs of cigarettes.

They later found the local resident, involved in violations of the border zone. During a search of his home they found 25 thousand packs of cigarettes of the same brand as in the border area. An administrative case was launched.

The fact of illegal crossing of the border was also confirmed by the Polish side, which reported of the traces of two people, as well as traces of the car, which drove up to the border.,  State Border Committee

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