Belarus ‘market socialism’: Babruysk worker hangs himself after receiving salary slip

38-year-old Dzmitry worked as a mechanic at Babruysk plant of tractor parts and units. His body was found in the company’s basement on September 27.

Shortly before the suicide, the man called his wife Natallya with whom he had lived for almost four years and said goodbye.

“We paid off loans and child support for husband’s children of the first marriage. The day before he received a salary slip showing that he not only failed to earn anything, but even got in to the red. He spent a month on vacation, then he had little work. As a result – no salary,” the widow told a local newspaper.

“At half past five I was returning home by bus, Dzima called and said he wanted to talk. His voice was not so positive anymore. I came home and dialed his number. It turned out that they were going to fire him. Why? I do not know,” the woman says.

At 19:38 the man called the wife and said they would find him in the basement of the plant. His friends did, but it was too late.

The company for which Dzmitry used to work has not made any comment on the situation yet., following

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