Shocking film about Lukashenka’s shady deals may be listed as extremist, banned in Belarus

The much-talked-about documentary Lukashenka. Criminal Records made by popular Belarusian vlogger Nexta (Stsyapan Svyatlou) will be officially added to the list of extremist materials next week, journalist Artsyom Harbatsevich reports.

According to him, the case has been already heard and a corresponding order has been delivered.

The 57-minute film features the history of authoritarian regime in our country; it has nearly 1.9 mln views on YouTube, over 500,000 – on the Russian platform Odnoklassniki and tens of thousands on other social media.

Formally, the consideration of the case was initiated by the Interior Ministry, but in fact, it was the presidentian administration that pushed for outlawing the video.

“After the ruling comes into force, those who distribute the film will be held as lawbreakers. Therefore, for example, the company that in charge of Youtube in the territory of Belarus will probably be forced to restrict access to it. Sharing [the documentary] in social networks will also be regarded as violation. Of course, no one will be punished for earlier re-posts which had been made before the court order was rendered,” lawyer Maryia Kolesava-Hudzilina told the newspaper Nasha Niva.

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