Second death sentence per year passed in Belarus


On February 15, the Minsk regional court sentenced to death a 31-year-old native of the village Machulishchy of the Minsk region Siarhei Khmyaleuski. The man committed the brutal murder of two and more persons, reports.

Earlier, the accused man had been repeatedly tried – for theft, robbery, hooliganism, deliberate causing of less serious injuries, involving a minor in the commission of a crime and evading punishment of restraint of liberty.

As to the latest criminal case, he was charged with the murder of two or more persons, with particular cruelty for the purpose of concealing another crime or facilitating its commission. Also, he was charged with theft, attempted deliberate destruction or damage to property, failure to comply with the requirements of preventive supervision.

According to, the criminal case was initiated in November 2014, after MES staff found in a private house in the Minsk region the charred bodies of 49-year-old local man and his 48-year-old concubine. The bodies had multiple stab wounds in the neck and head. Investigators concluded that the house was burnt in order to hide traces of the crime.

Leaving the scene of the crime, the accused met in the yard a 57-year-old fellow- villager. Wanting to get rid of the witness, he pushed him into the concrete pit two meters deep. As a result, the victim sustained numerous serious injuries, from which a few weeks later he died in hospital.

This is the second death sentence in Belarus in 2016.

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