Schoolboy blogger addresses Lukashenka: ‘Don’t pupils count?’


8-year-old Vanya from the Belarusian city of Mahiliou posts videos about school life on his Youtube channel.

According to the young videoblogger, his classmates are unhappy about the fact that adults bring about all changes in Belarusian education without consulting pupils. The schoolchildren would like to have their say discussing different issues, e.g the starting time of classes, school uniform, grading system, etc.

“Every adult views their opinion about the time school classes should begin at – politicians, ministers and even the President. But they fail to ask us, pupils. Don’t pupils count?” Vanya wonders.

In the video, the boy asks Lukashenka Jr and the presidential press secretary Natallya Eysmont to make the Belarusian leader aware of the Belarusian schoolchildren’s wish to be involved.

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