Savchenko: There will be Maidan in Russia! Putin not able to stay in power (ENG video)

A video of Nadiya Savchenko’s last plea in Russia’s court.

“There will be Maidan in Russia! Putin will not be able to hold power spilling people’s blood. It is against nature, against people, against God and against everything. All what I can do is to show by personal example that one can make Russia with its ‘statehood’ and a totalitarian regime knuckle down if they are fearless and die-hard. And now it is the turn of my last plea… Here is my last plea! (Showing the middle finger of her right hand) Does everyone see it clearly?! Mr interpreter, translate all what I have said please.”

On March 3, Nadiya Savchenko was to have delivered her last plea in Donetsk City Court, Russia’s Rostov region, but the judge adjourned the hearing until March 9. In her turn, Savchenko went on a hunger strike.

The trial of Savchenko started In September, 2015. The Ukrainian pilot is accused of murdering Russian journalists and illegal border crossing. In her turn, the woman denies any wrongdoing. According to Savchenko, she was abducted by force and transported to Russia. Savchenko’s lawyers state that at the moment shelling the defendant was in captivity in Russia and, consequently, she was not able to regulate fire.

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