Savchenko has chance to return to Ukraine in late May – lawyer


The lawyers for the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko have not ruled out that their client received the documentation necessary for her extradition.

“I took, as early as April 7, the statement from Nadiya Savchenko that she agrees to her transfer to serve time in Ukraine. According to the procedure, she was to receive documents for filling out,” Mark Feygin told Interfax on Wednesday.

He said his colleague, Nikolai Polozov, will visit Savchenko in jail in Novocherkassk, this Friday and help her fill out the papers.

The transfer procedure will take several months, he added. “It is a longer journey than a pardon, which could happen in one day, and we would insist precisely on a pardon,” the lawyer said.

Another lawyer, Ilya Novikov, made predictions over his client’s return to the Motherland.

“Vira Savchenko met with her sister, Nadiya feels better. She was given forms to fill, as they say, with a purpose of her further extradition. I can’t confirm this by 100% since we haven’t seen the papers yet, but in general it seems to be true. It looks as if agreements of presidents Poroshenko and Putin, which were announced a week ago, come to reality. There is a chance that Nadiya will be brought home in the second half of May,” he said on Facebook on Wednesday evening.

Savchenko’s sister Vira also said in a televised interview that the head of Novocherkassk jail had issued documents for Nadiya to fill out in order to be extradited to Ukraine.

 On March 22, the Donetsk city court of the Rostov region found the Ukrainian pilot guilty of murdering two Russian journalists and sentenced her to 22 years in prison. The sentence has come into effect.

Savchenko denies her guilt. According to the defense, she was kidnapped by terrorists in LPR and then taken out to Russia. Savchenko has been in custody since July 2014.

On April 18, the president of Ukraine urged his Russian counterpart to immediately liberate the Ukrainian when speaking over the phone. They also discussed the issue of Russian servicemen Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov who were arrested in the territory of Ukraine in the summer of 2015.

Earlier  Petro Poroshenko expressed readiness to swap the two Russian GRU force fighters for Nadiya Savchenko. But at that moment Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said that such an exchange was impossible.

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