‘Russian World has come’. Ukraine’s theologian about torture in captivity


Ukrainian theologian Ihor Kozlovsky, who was released from pro-Russian separatists’ captivity in December, told journalists about torture and beatings.

He was captivated because the separatists claimed they had found two grenades in his house. They want Kozlovsky to admit that the ammunition belonged to him.

On that day Ihor Kozlovsky and his disabled son were at home.

“I was detained for about 2 pm, when I went out to pay my utuluty bills and drop litter. There was a car of the MGB (State Security Ministry of the so-called Donetsk republic). They asked me to show my ID and took me with them for ‘just 20 minutes’. These ‘20 minutes’ turned into two years. For a long time, I had no information about my son, separatists did not tell me anything about his fate – they must have wanted to exert additional psychological pressure on me,” he stressed.

“In most cases, they beat me with some thing. I did not see what it was, I had a bag on my head. Such ‘session’ usually lasted for several hours. They also played Russian roulette with me by holding a pistol to my head and moving the trigger,” said the researcher.

He added that he was close to the loss of consiousness:

“When I was battered, my heart beat erratically. I was hanging between life and death. They shouted: ‘The Russian world has come’, ‘The Russian World is kicking you,” Kozlovsky recalled.

Igor Kozlovsky and 73 Ukrainians were swapped on December, 27.

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