Russian TV anchor cannot stop laughing over news

On February 9, there appeared a video from the broadcast of Vesti-Kamchatka where anchorwoman Alexandra Novikova talks about a 3% increase in payments to social security beneficiaries. The host started laughing hysterically about the amount that the beneficiary can spend on international travel.

Alexandra Novikova was glad to not be on the air. Most likely, this is one of the takes that was not included in the final version of the news release.

Aleksei Kostyliov, director of the Kamchatka branch of VGTRK, told the Podyom newspaper that he knows the identity of the person who posted the video on the social network.

Federal social security beneficiaries in Russia are the disabled, veterans of combat operations, citizens exposed to radiation, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, Heroes of Socialist Labor.

On 1 February 2020, social benefits for privileged categories of citizens in Russia were indexed by 3 per cent. And the so-called set of social services for beneficiaries, which made the anchorwoman laugh, was 1,155 Russian rubles and 06 kopecks (about $18).