Russian State Duma calls for sanctions against Georgia but Putin disagrees

The Russian State Duma recommended that the government consider imposing sanctions on Georgia. However, Vladimir Putin spoke out against this initiative, RIA Novosti reports.

The statement of the Russian Parliament notes that the measures may affect the supply of wine and carbonated water from Georgia, as well as financial and foreign economic operations, tourism and import duties. The Duma justifies this with “continuous anti-Russian provocations”. According to State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, it is possible to “sacrifice wine” for the sake of respectful attitude towards Russia.

However, Vladimir Putin spoke out against the introduction of sanctions against Georgia.

“As for sanctions against Georgia, I would not do so particularly out of respect for the Georgian people,” the President told journalists.

As we reported earlier, on July 7th the journalist Giorgi Gabuniya on the air of “Rustavi 2” TV channel used explicit language speaking about the Russian leader and stated that “there is no place for people like him on our beautiful land”. The channel then suspended broadcasting.
The incident caused a wave of indignation in Russia. The deputies of the State Duma also called for launching a criminal case against the host of the TV channel Rustavi 2 Georgi Gabuniya and imposing sanctions against Georgia.

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