Russian state agency urges not to destroy ‘sanctioned products’

Rospotrebnadzor has called for a ban on the destruction of usable products, including those seized at customs through an embargo. Such a proposal has been published on the website of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Development and Human Rights.

According to the document, Rospotrebnadzor “considers it appropriate” to develop regulations on the prohibition of the burial and destruction of food suitable for human consumption.

It is also proposed to consider the use of unclaimed products and food waste as sources of bioenergy.

In May, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture prepared a bill restricting the imports of products from other states. According to the document, animal products imported from countries outside the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as those imported without a permit and without a veterinary certificate, will be seized and destroyed. This applies to products in hand luggage, baggage and mail items.

In the summer of 2018, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported that since August 2015, more than 25 thousand tons of sanctions products were destroyed, of which 24.4 thousand tons were plant products, 936 tons were animal products.,

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