Russian soldier who staged massacre claims rape threats

Russian conscript soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov who shot eight people in a military unit in Trans-Baikal region, claims that hazing sent him over the edge, BAZA reports.

According to the soldier, at the very beginning, the officers seized his phone, then repeatedly took money and beat him. And what triggered the crime was their promise to rape him.

“They put it straight, i.e. they were going to rape me. On that day, the lieutenant told me that it would happen after the guard duty. I knew that all newly-arrived soldiers had been ‘turned out’. They said it would be my turn in the evening,” Shamsutdinov said.

The accused admitted his accidentally ‘stopping two guys’, but stressed he did not regret killing the rest.

As reported earlier, Ramil Shamsutdinov, who served at the repair and technical base near Chita, opened fire on fellows with his service gun during changing of the guard on October, 25. He killed two officers, six conscripts and contract servicemen.

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