Russian Security Service to fight gray food imports from Belarus

GOMEL REGION, BELARUS – JUNE 12, 2018: Cheese production at the Turov Dairy Industrial Complex. Viktor Drachev/TASS

The Rosselkhoznadzor has appealed to the FSB and the Ministry of Transport of Russia with a request to help stop the gray food supply schemes from Belarus, the press service of the department reports.

The Rosselkhoznadzor has been engaged in exposing the scheme with phantom recipients since February 2019. During this time, employees of the organization exposed 37 Belarusian companies that are engaged in “false transit”, when within 2-5 days the trucks manage to deliver products to Almaty and Bishkek, return to Belarus, load up and go on a new trip. It is worth adding that the distance between Minsk and Bishkek is 4,500 km.

The Russians were particularly angered with the company being called “Tankvert”.

“It is clear that the founders of the company did not accidentally give the organization a name similar to the name of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s head Sergey Dankvert,” the organization’s press service said.

After the Rosselkhoznadzor did not receive a confirmation either in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan of their intention to accept products from Belarus, the intermediary firms had to cease their activities, but some established new companies.

“In order to curb gray supply schemes and illegal activities of transport companies participating in the schemes, the Rosselkhoznadzor requested the FSB and the Ministry of Transport of Russia to take measures in the power of these departments on the issue under consideration,” the statement reads.

The ministry added that “in the pursuit of profit and risking their reputation,” Belarusian dairy enterprises are adopting a similar scheme with false transit to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

On April 12, the Rosselkhoznadzor temporarily banned the supply of apples and pears from Belarus. Russia suspects that sanctioned products from countries can enter Russia under the guise of Belarusian products.


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