Russian PM: I firmly believe in the potential of the Union Treaty

During his speech at the State Duma, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin commented on the prospects for the development of the Union State, RIA Novosti reports.

“I deeply believe in the potential of the Union Treaty. I consider that the work which has been done on integration and working out of road maps in all directions of interaction with Belarus, has been made excellent,” Mishustin said.

He added that there are not many things left to discuss. Mishustin noted that he believes that if Russia and Belarus jointly create a single space along these road maps, adopt a single tax code, if it is possible to unify rates and approaches, “then we will be able to talk, including the mechanism of pricing of energy resources, as suggested by our Belarusian partners”.

Speaking about cooperation with the EAEC countries and Belarus, Mishustin said that “these are our brothers and neighbors”.