Russian paratroopers enjoy participating in war game in Belarus

 ‘For the glory of the Motherland’, the official newspaper of the Belarusian Defense Ministry, published a short interview with Russian participants of the battalion tactical exercises that was held on the Brestski training ground. The Russian paratroopers praised the hospitality of Belarusians and the way the exercise was organised.

“We best remember the Brestski training ground, because we skydived there. That jump was a sort of special for me: it was the first time jumped from a Mi-8 helicopter; earlier there had been only jumps from an IL-76. By the way, the training ground’s soil is soft and sandy, it is very convenient when one lands,” Russian Sergeant Senior Viktor Nesterov told the newspaper.

The military exercise took place on April 5-7, about 400 troops were involved in the game. Among them there were 76 soldiers from Russia’s Pskov division which participated in the annexation of Crimea in the spring of 2014.


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