Russian military rush into Armenian village, fire guns. Locals in shock


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On July 17, units of the 102nd Russian military base deployed to Armenia conducted exercises in the village of Panik (Shirak region). As the villagers were not made aware of the event, explosions and gunfire shocked them.

Publiée par Armen Haiarpy Gevorgyan sur Mardi 17 juillet 2018

“About three dozen soldiers blocked the road to the village, their column stopped. The sounds of shooting were awful! Thank God, cartridges were non-combat. All locals immediately ran out of their houses, some children lost consciousness. It is outrageous that they failed to let us know about the exercises. If someone from Armenia did such things in the Russian Federation, they would make a scandal of it! Well, there is their military base, thank you, you protect us, but you should not come and conduct operations in the village!” eyewitness Vardan Makeyan told

According to the villagers, every day Russian military vehicles move here and destroy streets and roads.

Publiée par Armen Haiarpy Gevorgyan sur Mardi 17 juillet 2018

Karen Sarukhanyan, Governor of Shirak region, told Radio Liberty that he had met with the deputy commander of the 102nd Russian military base.

“They say that it was all a force majeure situation, they were not going to conduct exercises in this place, the apologized and assured that it would not happen again,” he said.

The situation is being investigated, Sarukhanyan added. The incident is also of top priority for Prime Minister Nicol Pashinyan.

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