Russian journalist dies after setting herself on fire

Irina Slavina, editor-in-chief of the Russian Nizhny Novgorod edition of KozaPress, died on October 2. She set herself on fire near the building of the city Ministry of Internal Affairs and died on the spot, Baza reports.

The day before, the journalist’s property was searched in the case of an “undesirable organization”, but the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation claims that Slavina’s death is not connected with their activities, since she is a witness, not a suspect.

“I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death”

Prior to this, the editor-in-chief of KozaPress was fined for an action in memory of Nemtsov, statements against the installation of a memorial plaque to Stalin, and news about COVID-19. Flowers are brought to the place of death of the journalist, comments with condolences are pouring on her Facebook page. The trade union of journalists and media workers is sure that she was driven to suicide, since the media outlet founded by Irina Slavina had been systematically subjected to pressure from the authorities.

Not long before her death, Irina Slavina published a post on her Facebook with the words “I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death”.