Russian historian on state-run TV: ‘Why don’t we drop a bomb on Kyiv?’


Russian historian Yevgeny Spitsyn has voiced a ‘rhetorical’ question in the 60 Minutes show on state-controlled TV channel Rossiya 1.

Answer a simple question: we do possess nuclear weapons, then why have we been at war with Ukraine for four years? Why don’t we just drop a bomb on Kyiv? It will destroy a Nazi regime there and that’s all, the problem would be solved,” Spitsyn said addressing another guest of the show, former Ukrainian diplomat Vadim Tryukhanov.

The hosts just smiled and asked him not to frighten the viewers.

The latest edition of the program 60 Minutes was devoted to the Baltic states’ intention to get reparation from Russia for the Soviet occupation, i.e. the period of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia being part of the USSR.

For 20 years Yevgeny Spitsyn has been working as a teacher of history in Moscow schools. He is an author of textbooks on the history of Russia, a member of the Expert Council of State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-corruption.

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