Russian helicopter that shot at audience during ‘Zapad 2017’ exercises had another accident

The helicopter is shooting at the viewers watching the exercise.

During the Russian-Belarus exercise “Zapad 2017” helicopter “KA-52” ( “Alligator”) made several shots into the side of viewers, then it partially destroyed a storage room on Pushkin airfield.

The “RBC” learned about it already from two sources.

On September 16 — the third day of military exercises — there was in the Leningrad Oblast not one but two emergency situations involving a helicopter “Ka-52”. After the flight, during which the “Ka-52” fired a volley toward the audience, it made another involuntary shot, two sources said.

The second incident occurred after the helicopter landed on the runway, a source close to the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. Due to the shot, a building wall was partially destroyed, but no one was hurt, the source said.

A former military pilot Boris Barsukov said that the accident with a shot at a warehouse is likely to have been caused by the technician.,

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