Russian Foreign Ministry unveils conditions for alternative Internet

A man works with a laptop at the airport in Hanoi, Vietnam October 18, 2017. REUTERS/Kham

The Department for Challenges and Threats to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia noted that an alternative Internet would be introduced only “under an unfavorable scenario.”

According to the department director Ilya Rogachev, Russia has all the possibilities for creating an alternative Internet, but will use them only “under the most unfavorable scenario.”

Rogachev stressed that Russia’s policy is not aimed at isolating the Internet:

“The policy of our Western partners, the imposition of double standards can lead to this. If the double standards continue to be promoted, we can talk about creating some kind of parallel Internet as the most unfavorable prospect.”

At the same time the Foreign Ministry spokesman added:

“There are technical, financial, intellectual and all other possibilities for this, but I do not think that someone would like that very much.”, , TASS, photo Kham/Forum

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