Russian Duma allows Putin to run for presidency twice more

In the first reading, the Russian State Duma approved a bill that will allow Vladimir Putin to run for president twice more, Interfax reports. The document is being considered in parliament to bring the legislative framework in line with the updated Constitution.

The bill says that one person can hold the post of President of Russia for no more than two terms, but this provision does not apply to the one who ruled the country before the approval of the amendments to the Constitution.

On March 10, the proposal to reset the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin in the new version of the Constitution was voiced by the Duma deputy Valentina Tereshkova, representing the “United Russia” .

On July 1, an all-Russian vote was held to adopt amendments to the Basic Law of the country. The plebiscite procedure involved voting on stumps, in tents and car trunks. According to the CEC, almost 78% of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution.

According to the amendments, Putin may remain in power until 2036. He also has another option – life-long senatorship in the Federation Council after the end of his presidential term. This law was finally approved by the State Duma. On December 22, it was signed by Putin himself.