Russian contract soldier captured by Ukraine’s army in Donbas

22-year-old Viktor Ageyev, a native resident of the Altai region of Siberia, started his service in the Russian army as a professional soldier on April. The man was captured by Ukrainians when his detachment was defeated in Luhansk.

On June 24, there was a skirmish near the village of Zhelobok which is located 50 km From Luhansk. Ukrainian soldiers of the 93rd Independent Mechanized Brigade destroyed the scouting unit of the 4th Mechanized Brigade of the 4th Army Corps of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic. A Russian military record book was found on Mr Ageyev:

Photos by Yuliya Kiriyenko

Journalists by BBC Russian contacted his mother and online friends who confirmed that Ageyev had signed a contract with the army in March 2017 after the end of the active military service. Then, according to information on his social media accounts, he was transferred to Russia’s town of Bataysk near the Ukrainian border, where the 22nd Independent Guards Brigade of the special forces of the Chief Intelligence Department (GRU) was deployed. Then he was sent to separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry denies the fact that Viktor Ageyev has ever done military service under contract. following UNIAN BBC RUSSIA


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