Russian activist arrested over conflict with Kremlin-controlled TV journo

On May 20, the Moscow police detained Roman Udot, a board member of the movement Golos (Voice), which is engaged in defending the Russian voters’ rights. According to his associates, the detention is an element of the persecution ‘for his work on the exposure of election fraud practices’.

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Opublikowany przez Roman Udot Poniedziałek, 20 maja 2019

The Russian authorities suspect Roman Udot of a threat of homicide (Art. 119-1 of the Criminal Code). The criminal case was opened over last year’s incident at Sheremetyevo Airport, when the activist took a telephone from a journalist of the state-run TV station NTV as the woman was filming Udot and pestered him with questions. He called the police, gave them her phone and filed a complaint about the persecution and violation of privacy. The reporter, in turn, reported the ‘theft of the device’ to the police.

The conflict occurred a few days after NTV aired a propaganda film discrediting the Golos. Moreover, before the release, his parents received anonymous phone calls at night; psychological pressure was exerted on his minor child, the organization says.

The arrest is the result of the enourmos pressure Roman and his family were facing, Grigory Melkonyants, a co-chairman of the Golos, stressed.

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