Russia views opium poppy cultivation as response to sanctions

Opium Poppy

A special commission of the Russian government has approved a draft law on the procedure for growing “narcotic” plants in Russia, in particular, the allowed varieties of hypnotic poppy (Papaver somniferum L).

“It is proposed to abolish the existing ban and determine the order of cultivation of plants for the production for medical purposes and veterinary medicine of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,” the press service of the Russian government reports.

According to the authors of the bill, “the production of a full cycle of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances” needs to be created in Russia.

The reference to the draft law explains that there are currently 13 drugs based on opium registered in Russia, nine of which are “vital and essential medical drugs”. They are produced in state-owned enterprises from imported pharmaceutical substances.

The Russian government’s website stresses that the international market for pharmaceutical substances for the production of opium drugs is controlled by a group of 10 companies, nine of which are under the jurisdiction of the states that imposed sanctions against Russia.

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