Russia to pay 10 mln euros for deportation of Georgians — ECHR

Паседжанне ЕСПЧ. Фота -

The European Court of Human Rights has satisfied Georgia’s claim for compensation for the deportation of Georgians from Russia in 2006. The total amount of compensation set by the court was 10 million euros.

The court ruled that the deportation affected at least 1,500 Georgian citizens. The compensation money is to be distributed among the victims. Everyone who was deported will receive 2,000 euros. Those who were illegally deprived of their liberty and whose conditions of detention were violated will receive from 10,000 to 15,000, euros, Medusa writes.

The lawsuit about the mass deportation of Georgian citizens was filed in the ECHR in 2015. The claim sum was more than 70 million euros.

In 2006, four employees of the Russian General Intelligence Directorate were arrested on charges of espionage in Georgia. In response to the arrest of the GRU officers, Russia began to massively expel Georgian citizens for violating the visa regime. In total, according to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, 4,634 people were deported.

The BBC notes that the complaint about the deportation of Georgians is the first, but not the only lawsuit that Georgia filed against Russia to the ECHR. The court has already held hearings on the suit of Georgia against Russia in connection with the 2008 war. And in August 2018, Georgia filed another complaint against Russia regarding the human rights violations in the separatist republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as along their unrecognized borders.

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