Russia’s subversion, arson, malpractice: What caused blast at Ukraine’s ammo depot?

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko heard the report by security officials on Tuesday’s explosions at ammunition depots near Ichnia, Chernihiv region.

On October 9, three storage facilities of the arsenal were exploded simultaneously and in the next 20 minutes several others were exploded as well.

At the time of the explosion, the depots were filled by 50% – the most scarce and critical ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the 6th military arsenal was previously relocated to other arsenals and bases with a protected type of storage. As of 3 PM, as a result of detonation, about 30% of the entire arsenal is on fire.

According to Ukraine’s Security Service, three versions are currently being considered. The main one is the subversion of the sabotage group, the second one is the violation of the rules of fire safety or storage of ammunition, and the third one is the deliberate arson or explosion in order to conceal the lack of ammunition.

The Ukrainian leader ordered to clear out all the versions.

“Given the proximity to the Russian border, it is not a coincidence that the main version of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Military Prosecutor’s Office is sabotage,” the Supreme Commander-in-Chief noted.

Ukraine: Explosions at ammo depot, evacuation in progress (video), following

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