Russia’s state-run TV channels ignore bad news

State-run Russian TV channels have not mentioned yesterday’s tragedy that happened in Moscow.

As reported earlier, the 39-year-old nanny of Uzbek origin killed a girl and then walked with the severed head of the kid shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

According to the Russian news website, kremlin-controlled channels ONT, Rossiya-1, as well as Gazprom’s NTV and REN TV owned by pro-Putin tycoons have ignored the terrible news.

Anonymous sources working for the TV stations mentioned above told RBC that Russian officials strongly recommended broadcasters not to publicize the incident in order not to touch the issue of inter-ethnic relations referring to the fact that the perpetrator of the crime was a migrant worker from Central Asia.

Meanwhile, today Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has warned against linking the tragedy to the nationalities question and said he iss against wide discussions of such themes in the mass media.

The Kremlin issues no instructions to the federal channels. It is true that the channels, as we know, made a decision not to show this terrible tragedy. I believe that one can only support this decision, because the incident was too terrible to be shown on TV,” Russian news agency TASS quotes Dmitry Peskov as saying.

A few days ago Rossiya-1 turned a blind eye on the mining accident in Vorkuta that resulted in deaths of 36 mine workers. On February 27, the day when the tragedy happened, six of the seven news items of the channel’s major mews bulletin were dedicated to the war in Syria and Russia’s participation in the settlement of the conflict, and not a single one – to the fate of the miners., following

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