Russia’s rep at OSCE PA: We will not support resolution on de-occupation of Donbas, Crimea

Russia is dead set against the draft ‘sovereignty restoration’ resolution proposed by Ukraine.

“We believe that a country without sovereignty does not have the right to be represented at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly,” Pyotr Tolstoy, Head of the Russian delegation to the OSCE PA,” said before the session on Wednesday.

The draft resolution calls Russia ‘invader’. In the document, Kyiv is urging Moscow to give Crimea back and follow the agreements on Donbas. It also states that some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are under the control of Russian hybrid forces.

“If there is no sovereignty, to whom we are speaking to? To people who were elected by only a part of the country? What in the world is this state? Kyiv and its surroundings?” Tolstoy said.

Minsk is hosting the 2017 summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on July, 5-9., following

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