Russia’s foreign intelligence chief accuses West of waging hybrid war

The scale of activities initiated by the West makes Russia believe that the USA is waging a covert hybrid war against CIS countries, Sergei Naryshkin, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Chief, said.

According to him, some European countries are also to blame:

“Great Britain, Poland, Sweden and the Baltic countries are in the vanguard of the efforts to transform emigrant structures into the so-called revolutionary cells,” Naryshkin said during the session of the Board of Directors of Security Bodies and Special Services of the CIS countries.

The top official called on the partners to fight against the ‘common threat’.

Naryshkin tried to convince his colleagues that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States slowed the development of all CIS countries .

In his opinion, the West shows ‘disproportionate aggression’ towards to CIS countries: e.g. it does not allow them to pay in local currencies, hinders promoting the entrepreneurship and prevents them from protecting their ‘informational sovereignty’., following

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