Russia’s Bryansk region: Health workers banned from using Gmail, Google, Skype at work

Andrei Bardukov, the chairman of the Health Department of Bryansk region, sent out an order that prohibits medical workers from ‘contacting with representatives of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo in the course of implementation of educational programs, as well as using software products made by foreign companies’, reports.

According to Mr Bardukov’s instruction, Bryansk health workers are allowed to use only and Yandex services since their technical means are located in Russia. They should avoid resorting to Google Chrome and Safari search engines, the document reads. In addition, the official forbade doctors to check any social media at their working places.

In February, one of the officials of the Russian Labour Ministry of Labour put forward the initiative to ban online networking during working hours, but after the tide of public discontent on web the ministry gave up the idea., following

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