Russia PM orders defense, diplomatic, economic measures in response to ‘Turkey’s aggression’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has called Turkey’s attack against the Russian Su-24M aircraft an ‘act of aggression towards Russia’ and a ‘crime’ and promised that a number of different measures will be taken in response.

On Thursday medvedev ordered the government to develop economic restrictive measures against Ankara, state-run news agency TASS reports.

“This is definitely an act of aggression against our state on the part of Turkey, our neighbor and the North Atlantic alliance member also. Defense and diplomatic response measures have already been taken against this crime and will follow as well,” Dmitry Medvedev said.

In accordance with Russian law, the set may include suspension of implementing economic cooperation programs, restrictions of financial operations, restrictions of foreign trade deals, changes in import and export customs duties, measures affecting the tourism sphere, transportation, etc.

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A number of investment projects may be suspended. In addition, Medvedev proposed to scrap the negotiations on the preferential regime with Turkey.

The government was given 2 days to prepare proposals on restricting measures against Turkey. Their term is expected to depend on the international situation and on Russia’s relations with Turkey., following TASS, phot.

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