Russia: Parents, teachers of minor protesters may be brought to book

Timur Valiulin, Head of the Interior Ministry’s department on extremism counteraction, came up with the proposal to hold parents and teachers to account for their children’s and pupils’ taking part in unauthorized protest rallies.

“The participation of youngsters in unsanctioned street is a very important problem. Their number is growing. The reduction in the average age of the participants in such rallies is alarming,”the official said at the meeting of the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

“We should think about the possibility to make amendments in order to bring to justice not only the organizers of such protests, but also parents of students who participate in them, and teachers of educational institutions,” Valiulin stressed.

In March, the opposition Anti-Corruption Foundation held protests in more than 100 cities of Russia. There were minors among the protesters., following РБК

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