Russia or EU: Which is better partner for Belarus?


In a man-on-the-street interview, Belsat TV asked Minsk residents which of the two – Russia or the EU – Belarus should be closer friends with.

“A good neighbour is on friendly terms with each of them.”

“We’d better be friends with the EU, because they have money and technology. And Russia can boast only of spiritual bonds and the so-called spirituality. I think that technology is better than bonds.”

“We should be friends with each neighbour, but economic integration and cooperation with developed countries should be prioritised.”

“In my view, we should look to the West. But in this case, we should fundamentally reform our economy.”

“I doubt that a great future is reserved for Europe. However, Russia has some potential, there will be some changes. “

“Perhaps, with the EU. In spite of some troubles, Europe still has a stable economy. But Russia is too big…”

“I would opt for ‘small alliances’. We should be friends, cooperate [with one or another] in specific fields. In my opinion, all of us will be comfortable with such option.”

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