Russian Ministry of Transport plans to defeat ‘gray’ carriers

By November 1, 2018, the Russian government will install navigational seals based on GLONASS on the transit cargo. The purpose of the experiment is to combat the supply of sanctioned goods to Russia and the “gray” shipments of foreign transportation companies.

The installation of seals on the truck door during the testing period will be voluntary and free of charge. The authors of the idea believe that the electronic seal will reduce the delivery time of goods and the number of checks at customs.

“If the electronic navigation seal allows to shorten the time of delivery of goods, simplifies the customs procedures, provides an opportunity to obtain legally significant reliable information about the location and safety of cargo, it will be effective and profitable for business,” said Dmitry Sukhanov, director of the “Agens” ( international carrier APS), which takes part in the testing of seals.

The experiment is carried out as part of the creation of a unified transit system (ECT) for goods on the customs territory of the EAEC.

“At the first stage, the experiment will take place on five routes: from the Kazakh customs post Bakhty to the Russian customs posts Novosibirsk West and Barnaul, from the Russian customs post MAPP Ubylinka to the Kazakhstan customs post Kostanai-center of customs clearance, from the Russian customs post MAPP “Burachki” to the Kazakh customs post “Bauyrzhan Konysbaev “and from the customs post of the MAP” Troebortnoye “to the customs post “Bauyrzhan Konysbaev “(in both directions),” the Russian Federal Customs Service reports.

The sealing technology was developed by the operator of the “Platon” system (LLC “RT-Invest Transport Systems”).

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