Russia might try to seize Belarus during joint military exercises – political analyst

Russia will make an attempt to remove Belarusian president Lukashenka from power – it is only a question of time, Russian journalist and political analyst Andrey Piontkovsky believes.

In Belsat TV program Hot Commentary he was asked whether Russia would be trying to seize Belarus in the course of joint military exercises:

“In general, there is no better opportunity to seize Belarus state than holding military maneuvers with the presence of a large [Russian] army there. We remember that Russia managed to invade Crimea due to the fact that in according to the agreement with Ukraine, there were Russian troops – the Black Sea Fleet, including marines, special forces, etc. This is one side of the issue.”

According to the expert, it is highly likely that the reckless scheme with Ukraine will end in failure.

“Crimea was only the first stage, then they wanted to establish ‘Novorossiya’ in 10-12 regions of Ukraine. Where is ‘Novorossiya’ now? It evolved into the rogue ‘Donetsk republic’ and Moscow is trying to push it back to Ukraine.”

If Russia goes to the length of mounting an operation against Belarus, it will be either the Kremlin’s ‘last imperial spasm or a form of exerting pressure on Lukashenka to extort some concessions’, Piontkovsky said.

At that, the political analyst stressed that Moscow was doing things in a big way and striving for establishing a real union with Belarus. In his turn, Lukashenka has no intention to agree on deeper integration, he warns.

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