Russia continues struggle with gray product re-export from Belarus

Russia continues to fight with gray re-export of European and Ukrainian products that get into the Russian Federation through the territory of Belarus.

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, a number of bodies are now involved in the process of eliminating fraud schemes. According to the Russian side, the so-called sanctioned products are labelled in Belarus as goods made in Iran, Macedonia, San Marino, or China, that is the countries that do not fall under the sanctions.

Re-export of the sanctioned food, according to Rosselkhoznadzor, is done by the companies like GazVenchure, Globalkostom, as well as state enterprise “Beltamozhservice”. About 150 tons of food products have been legalized via these firms.

Earlier Rosselkhoznadzor reported that it took only one day to make contact with the veterinary services of Iran, Macedonia, San Marino and China to receive information from them confirming that they had not been supplying products to Belarusian and Russian recipients, says the official statement of the Russian side.

To prevent operation of gray schemes of re-exports from Belarus, Rosselkhoznadzor has handed the papers to the Russian tax and customs bodies.

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