Roskomnadzor suspected BBC of terrorism propaganda

Roskomnadzor opened an investigation of the British BBC media corporation on suspicion of relaying “the ideological guidelines of international terrorist organizations.”

“The content of the BBC Internet resources (including, is being checked for compliance with Russian legislation. At the moment, there have been found materials that broadcast the ideological stance of international terrorist organizations (quotes from terrorist Al-Baghdadi). An examination is being conducted to ensure that these materials comply with the Russian anti-extremist legislation,” the organization said in a statement.

On January 9, a request was sent to the British corporation to obtain documents confirming the fulfillment of the requirements of Russian law on the restriction of direct or indirect control of Russian media by foreign organizations. The deadline for submitting information is January 16, 2019.

  • International Information Services of the BBC are produced in 39 languages. Every week, through the radio, television and Internet, the BBC content is received by 346 million users all over the world. The Russian BBC service cooperates also with the TV channel Belsat. Since April 16, 2018, the exclusive materials of the BBC journalists have been shown in our live broadcast. In addition, a number of programs, serials and documentaries produced by the TV channel are on the air of Belsat.

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