Robot TV anchor accuses Russian opposition activist of kicking cat

Aleks, Russian-made robot, read the news on the air of “Russia 24” on April 16. In fact, it was a head, which was operating using the AI, the developers say. Aleks read the news about a tawny cat allegedly kicked by the opposition activist Ilya Yashin.

In a monotonous voice, Aleks told viewers that a Moscow resident was looking for a cat “who accidentally became a social networks celebrity” and who “was harshly kicked by a man who resembled the municipal deputy Ilya Yashin holding the so-called opposition views.”

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny called the news about the cat a political put-up job ordered by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The robot did not accidentally appear in the “Russia 24” studio. On April 16, a contest of innovative projects under the Skolkovo brand of the Russian silicon valley took place in Chelyabinsk.

Last year, the journalists of “Russia 24” reported about the cutting edge robot, which was allegedly presented on December 11 in Yaroslavl at the forum “PROJECT”. But later it turned out that this was just a man in a robot suit.

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