Riot police brutally disperse ‘free election’ cycling race

Solidarity race in Minsk, 7 August 2020. Photo: Alisa Hanchar /

On Friday evening, several hundred cyclists staged a solidarity race in downtown Minsk.

They did not chant any slogans or show banners; the racers were set to draw people’s attention to the importance of holding free and fair elections in the run-up to the voting on August, 9. However, the authorities engaged OMON riot police, internal troops and even the military in order to stop them.

Some participants were reportedly injured during the detention. Two ambulance crews were spotted near the Academy of Sciences.

According to witnesses, one of the detainees were taken out of a paddy wagon and handed over to paramedics. Commenting on the case, Volha Chamadanava, Spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry, said that the person had got an epileptic attack.

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