Retirement age in Belarus not to be raised in 2016

The age of retirement in Belarus will not be raised in 2016. At the same time, it remains a live issue today. Men retire at 60 and women retire at 55 years in the country.

“It is too early to speculate that the decision [to raise the retirement age] will definitely be made in 2016,” Larysa Yashkova, Deputy Head of the Central Office for Pension Provision of the Belarusian Labor and Social Protection Ministry, said on Monday.

But the matter may be reviewed in time, she said. According to the official, an early retirement age in Belarus, Russia, and Uzbekistan is a legacy of the Soviet Union. Nowadays the retirement age is not the age when people are unfit for work: About 25% of Belarusian retirees continue working, Yashkova stressed.

“The labor market changes in response to the demographic situation. As much as 27% of Belarus’ population is pensioners. By 2020 the figure is expected to grow to 29%,” she added., via BelTA

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