Restaurateur Prakopyeu calls out Lukashenka

Famous restaurateur from Minsk Vadzim Prakopyeu has addressed the head of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka and called him to the ring. The restaurateur recorded a video message and put it on Youtube.

In a video message to Alyaksandr Lukashenka Vadzim Prakopyeu said that at least three people from the hockey team of the head of Belarus had said that Lukashenka publicly insulted him. The first head of the Belarusian restaurateur association, Vadzim Prakopyeu demands a public apology or three rounds in the ring.

The seconds of the fight should be the Minister of Interior and the former commander of the riot police. Prakopyeu demanded that Lukashenka answered within 24 hours. The restaurateur sent his video message to Lukashenka’s press secretary, seconds and all major media.

Vadzim Prakopyeu used to be a co-owner of Bistro de Luxe, Tapas bar, Mai Thai and Prokopiev Consulting. Recently, the restaurateur sold his shares and property and said he was going to leave Belarus.