Residents of poor villages invite Lukashenka: ‘Look us in the eye if you dare’

Alena Yanusheuskaya, a wannabe local deputy, has invited president Alyaksandr Lukashenka to visit Vitsebsk region and see what real life in Belarus looks like.

In her address to the head of state, the woman draws his attention to unsettled problems of common people living in small towns and villages.

“Alyaksandr Ryhoravich, I invite you to visit our Zaronava local council. I willll show you the real Belarus, where people live, not the Belarus you show on TV, not the Belarus where people wash roofs and paint grass before your arrival. I will show you that our people have to survive,” Alena said.

Alena, a candidate for deputy in Vitsebsk district council and Vitsebsk regional council, has first-hand knowledge about the situation in the region. During the campaign, she questioned dozens of people about their life in the country.

There are no paved roads in the village of Suykava, where the candidate invited the Belarusian leader to. Households are constantly flooded.

Maryia Navagrodskaya is a disabled person; she has difficulty doing the housework, e.g. taking water from the well. There is no running water in the village.

“We have children and livestock; we need much water – about 120 liters per day! Every day we have to take water home after work,” local resident Mikhail Makarau stresses.

The local village council is aware of the problem. The officials say: “When we have money, there will be running water.” But when will they be? That is the question.

Suykava is becoming deserted; young people leave it due to the lack of jobs. It does not even have a collective farm.

The residents of the neighbouring agro-town Zaronava which was visited by Alena Yanushkouskaya in December, 2017 are also worried about their mundane problems. They complain of rusty water and mold in blocks of flats.

“What have they made of our country? There is devastation and poverty. Come and look people in the eye if you dare,” Yanusheuskaya writes.

However, Alyaksandr Lukashenka is highly unlikely to head for Suykava and Zaronava. It means that the locals should not even dream of paved roads or running water.

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