Repression against Belsat for taxpayers’ money

If you realize the constitutional right to freedom of speech, the collection and dissemination of information, prepare to pay.

The fine is one thousand rubles. This is the amount that judge of the Frunze court of Minsk Hanna Buinouskaya punished journalist Lyubou Lunyova with for the story that appeared on our channel in November. Pavel Tumas, Deputy Head of the Architecture and Construction Department of the Frunzensky District Administration, acted as witness in the case.

“This person allegedly filed an application against me to the police, where he pointed out that I was at public hearings on November 20 and interviewed people without accreditation. The most interesting thing is that in court he could not even identify me,” said Lyubou Lunyova.

For Lunyova this was the third case in a month and a half.

It is necessary to understand that her and other Belsat journalists are punished using the taxpayers’ money. Judges who pass sentences, policemen and officials who testify against journalists are state employees who receive salaries from the pocket of citizens.

Truth about harmful plant

Recently, public hearings began on the case of a bleached pulp plant, which the locals nicknamed “smelly.”

Immediately after the broadcast in Facebook, journalist Larysa Shchyrakova received a protocol.

“This once again confirms the essence of this regime. In another country, the police would bring to responsibility the directors of the bleached pulp mill and other responsible people for the two-months long chemical attack on Svetlahorsk,” said Larysa.

Physical, psychological and, of course, financial pressure

Last year, the persecution of Belsat journalists was unprecedented — there were over 60 trials alone. It seems that the long-awaited liberalization will not come in 2018 either.

Lola Buryeva, Belsat, photo: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Forum

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