Repressed activists spoke about torture in prison

More protesters freed from Akrestsina

The releases of the activists have turned into solidarity events. Former prisoners testified about new details of abuse and torture in police stations and detention centers.

“At first we were not fed at all, on the second day the food was tolerable, then there was only porridge, and then no food at all,” said Piotr Rabushka punished for protests.

“In the evening, the man in the next cell began screaming terribly. The guards said that he should have let them know about his problems in the morning and now it was useless,” said Dzmitry Kavalhin who also was repressed.

Former prisoners promise to find police officers who beat people

The goal is to attract the so-called law enforcement officers to justice.

People were also free in Homiel. Among others there were representatives of the democratic community Vasil Palyakou and Valer Rapnin.

Some protesters were taken outside the city after their release. For a long time their relatives did not know the fate of their loved ones.

In Hrodna policemen took BCD activist Syarhei Verameyenka from the detention center. His friends literally snatched him from the hands of men in civilian clothes.

In Hrodna, protesters Anton Vaytsehau and Mikalai Salyanik were sentenced to 7 days in prison. Another activist, Vadzim Saranchukou, was fined BYN 345.

Ian Babitsky, “Belsat”

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